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I looked up the author I thought had written some good stuff about women and technology and discovered that she had written an entire book. And, I remembered buying it and what the cover looked like (more or less.) I was pretty sure I'd seen it last in the front of the house, and lo and behold it was in the bookshelves into which I seemed to recall putting it. (I grew up learning that a preposition is something you never end a sentence with.) ;)

So, I am now busily reading about inventions and how definitions of them affect they way they are perceived, gender-wise. It's the old story--technology is most generally thought of as big machines. The quern, a primitive hand mill for grinding corn and grains, was most likely developed by the people who usually did the grinding. And who were the early horiculturists? You got it.

Not only do I have the book I hoped I had, but I also have a book that the author has already cited several times. Woo-hoo--I don't have to spend any money buying it and waste the time waiting for it to be delivered.

(I get excited about weird stuff.)

((Can't resist--this will provide grist for my narrative.))

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