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I Could Have . . .
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. . . read all afternoon. I took the two books I dug out last night and headed for PJ's right after lunch. I had no plans to write anything, except some reading notes, and one of the big comfy chairs was empty. The other occupants of the room were quietly studying. So, I got my coffee and draped myself over the chair.

It was perfect--comfortable, and the angle was right for reading and taking the occassional notes. And I stayed a lot longer than I usually do.

One of my former Girl Scouts came over and chatted a bit. The last time I saw her she and her husband and three sons were headed to Virginia. Well, seems his job brought him back here. Their house had water to the ceiling so they bought a lot and have a FEMA trailer on it. Theirs is 35 feet long.

Now for the "good" part. She's pregnant! I made a remark on the order of "in a 35 ft. trailer with three kids?" They're hoping for a girl this time and no, a girl will not be called Katrina. I think her youngest boy is about 12 or 13. The oldest is 18.

After that interlude I went back to my reading and feel a certain sense of accomplishment. I'll have to head for that chair again when I've got reading to do.

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