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In the 90s
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They said 94 today at the NWS in Slidell. I believe it.

So, I moved into summer mode, which is OPAC* and spent the afternoon at PJ's. Yesterday when I was there, lolling about in the lovely overstuffed chair, I discovered my body position left me with a whole lot less leg and back discomfort. I got a lot of reading and note-taking done for that "sample" chapter. One of these days I'll get at the rewrite.

This afternoon I ran into someone from the theatre back when YD and I were first involved--her first "regular" play when she was an orphan in "Oliver." This guy was the gentleman who got his pocket picked by an urchin--YD. We chatted and it turned out that his wife also broke her hip post-Katrina. She did it an ordinary way--slipping on a hotel rug.

I also ran into someone from church, who was having her third-grader teach her Power Point. This morning's paper had an article about how the young kids are doing Power Point presentations, rather than writing papers. (I'll have to go back and cut it out.)

Other than the work on the proposal, my only accomplishment for the day was to remove the screen from the jalousie on the bedroom door, clean it off thoroughly, then remove the essentially identical screen from the den door and replace it with the bedroom screen. Why, you may ask? Because the den door screen is coming loose and has holes in it, so I don't open the window unless I want lots of skeeters and other flying things. I shall (eventually) take the screen down to Ace Hardware and buy new screen and the tool to set in new beading to hold the new screen in place. If I'm lucky, they'll do it for me. I don't care if it costs--as one or both daughters have told me, your time counts mom.

BTW--each screen is held on by 14 screws, all of which were firmly fastened (I have only myself to blame for that) plus another one to hold the jalousie handle on. I should have titled this entry "Screwing Around."

*Other People's Air Conditioning

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