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Laura is Coming
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As I was getting ready to leave work today someone asked me if I was coming in tomorrow. I said no, unless you need me. That's not why they asked. They wanted to remind (warn) me that there will be no parking on the campus till after the First Lady makes a visit. I can't recall why they said she was coming to Tulane/Newcomb, but she is.

I guess I'll find out tomorrow on the news or from the paper.

The Bushes have been to the New Orleans and Gulf Coast area a lot in the last nine months. No matter what negative thoughts I have about other aspects of the Shrub's "leadership," I do think he has been here enough to "get it" regarding the destruction and the problems associated with the disaster.

And, on that topic, the evening news carried a report that one of the levees the Corps of Engineers has rebuilt has sunk. It seems the ground underneath isn't as solid as they thought. That was part of the reason the levees collapsed after Katrina and Rita! One would think the Corps might have learned a little something. For starters, if they looked at the history of East New Orleans, they would discover that 100 years ago it was swamp. It got built up rapidly in the sixties as the Interstate was built. Today as I drive along that part of I-10 I see very few houses occupied. A major shopping center (it had an ice rink in the middle when it first opened in 1976) has a bathtub ring about four feet above the parking lot. People in other parts of the country with Corps of Engineers work protecting them should not take their assurances of safety blindly.

No rain again today. The man who picks up my trash came to collect the payment for the next six months. He allowed as how my "lawn" sort of needed mowing--and he might know someone to do it. I gave him my cell phone number. Maybe I'll get lucky and get that stuff harvested. It's so gone to seed that next fall it will probably germinate spontaneously! Once it gets chopped down and raked I'll be able to spread some summer grass seed. Of course, the beasts will not be happy. Bad Cat thinks it makes a maravelous jungle, or veldt. The dogs like it too. Of course, when they curl up in the brownish grass they sort of blend in, but BC is really obvious.

Riverbend (Baghdad Burning link) has a new post regarding the latest Iraqi government and what life there is like.

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