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You Know You've Got a Lousy Link When
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You know not to value an informational link that has an opening statement (and I quote) "The earliest plows where forked sticks . . ." And a little further on "metal was added to parts of the plow which increased it's efficiency."

The author of this travesty of standard English is a high school teacher with a master's degree in education. Those errors are not typos but ignorance.

Other than that, it was a productive day academically-speaking. I continued with the rewrite of the sample chapter and shall type it up this evening. It's an interesting challenge to try to keep track of the sources of the tidbits of information. I've been talking about a lot of these things for quite a few years in lectures and know that certain things came from specific sources--but WHICH ones? If I am writing I am footnoting or otherwise annotating, but not when I do up lectures.

When I got back home I discovered that half my sink was unusable. It was filled with an orange cat, who seemed quite proud of himself. I guess the porcelain is cool on a hot day. When I ran water in the adjacent sink he decided to return to the counter. It's hard to look cute and adorable when you are a 25 pound cat, but he manages quite nicely.

Now I have to figure out why my ringtone reverted to a ring instead of "When the Saints . . ." I had a call from "restricted" but I doubt that did it. (I just tried to call my cell from my landline only to find my landline not working--again. It rang once this morning, but was dead when I picked it up. Guess I'd better phone it in.)

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