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Spending Money at Sam's Club
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I left a bit early today and decided to swing by Sam's to pick up the Word software for my laptop, as well as at least one each black and color inkjet cartridges. I put the last of each in a week or so ago. They had several choices in the software and I was lucky enough to run into one of the PJ's owners whose specialty is computers. She said I'd gotten the right one.

After that it was a quick tour around for some frozen chicken and a couple of other things.

The tally at the cash register was under $400. but not by a whole lot. I'm glad I don't do THAT every day!

When I got home I found that the new pretty blue shoes I'd ordered from Lands' End had arrived. Good! the only blue ones I have at the moment are navy and not terribly attractive. Yesterday evening I ordered a bunch of sleeveless shirts from L.L. Bean. They should be here (except for two that are backordered) by the end of the week at the latest.

The monster cat has decided that the sink is not for every day, especially when the human leaves stuff in it. And that same human filled up his cubbyhole in the cupboard with cat and dog food, leaving no room for him. Poor kitty--he has to make do with the kitchen counter, where he can get the breeze from a strategically placed small fan.

The weather forecast calls for possible thunderstorms this evening. I looked at the radar and I don't see anything heading our way. We need the moisture and the cooler temps rain will bring. I was about to say "and it isn't even June yet" but then I realized it is.

If it hadn't been for the package and the trip to Sam's it would have been another IUD.

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