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The trouble with being somewhat mobility-limited is that I make the mistake of turning on the TV so I can hear and see humans.

I have discovered that the local early show is pretty neat. They have cooking segments, music segments, and general local information and news. Yesterday I really got moving quickly to the music of Rockin' Dopsie and his Zydeco Twisters. In fact, I was ready to get up and dance, even though I don't dance, and especially I don't Cajun dance.

The really evil program, however, is on Saturday and Sunday on CSPAN 2. It's BookTV and is (of course) all about books. The format has two or more authors of books on related topics. The authors tell about their books, then the audience asks questions. The authors question each other, and they do it courteously. Can you imagine--people asking questions without showing an "agenda" and being confrontational? And they actually listen to each other!

Today's topic (that just finished) was about American Flags, and the books were about the American Flag and the Confederate Battle Flag. If I had nothing else to do I would probably go buy those books. A couple of weeks ago it was about Conscientous Objectors.

It is so nice to find something intellectually stimulating among the rest of the Saturday morning drek of cartoons, how to have a perfect body, and various brands of snake oil.

It's beside the point that the cool morning is almost gone.

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