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No Parking
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My plans for an afternoon of air-conditioned work at PJ's went down the tubes when I found the parking lot full. I could have parked in back of the Walgreen's next door, but it would have meant a longer walk than than my leg wanted. So, I headed home, did some reading, then let my eyelids rest. And they rested for about an hour.

I realized this morning that I had hit dire emergency status on the laundry when I found NO clean underwear at all. Luckily, the load of dark stuff I'd done a day or so ago had one pair in it. Now I have a dryer full of all sorts of light-colored goodies. It would be really efficient of me to fold it and put it away this evening, but I won't need the dryer again for several days . . .

I think I have reached expert level in rationalization and procrastination.

It's hot and the forecast doesn't even have a tiny bit of gray cloud in the pictures for the coming week. I wish I had my pool to cool off in.

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