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Time to Re-Tire
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Does anyone remember that ad from quite a ways back? A little kid in Dr. Dentons with a tire over his shoulder and a candle in the other hand.

Anyway, that was today's theme. I went to a tire store in Old Town and the guy there spotted my problem right away (I've been having a slight vibration at 65 mph.) It was called "I'm really sorry but I don't have the kind of tires you need. Go directly to a store that does and DO NOT USE Interstate."

So, I went to Sears, where I had bought front tires last fall. I told them I needed two more and about two hours later they were on my car. And there was a hefty charge on my credit card.

While Sears was doing its thing I went to the Food Court, had Subway for lunch, then read stuff I'd brought along to keep me busy while getting two tires mounted.

After that it was PJ's and I opted for the super comfy chair that makes my back and legs feel so good. More reading.

All in all, a productive day.

I had tentatively planned to go in to work today, but obviously I didn't. The tires took priority. So, tomorrow I'll head in there. I think I'm going to more or less switch to MWF. The radio station records 4 - 7 Wednesday afternoons and they need readers. (I also miss going there. I started Reading in 1983.)

Yesterday evening someone (a person) called from the phone company and I regaled her with the tale of the phone robot talking to the answering robot. And then the human who obviously couldn't have known she was talking to an answering machine. I suggested the phone company consider the possibility that some other people with service problems just might also have answering robots and perhaps the phone company should give up on their call-back one.

This evening I put the trash barrel in front of the house where it can be seen from the street (150 ft. away). My pick-up person knows I've got mobility problems at the moment and said he could back up and get it. Let's see if he does tomorrow. (The world won't end if he doesn't pick it up.)

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