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Went in to work today and it was SO nice to be able to drive the interstate at the average road speed--about 75 mph. And the ride was lovely and smooth.

I noticed that the divider on I-10 where it is going through a (formerly) populated area has a bathtub ring. Looks like the interstate had about two feet of water on it. And it's higher than the streets on either side. Traffic is still low enough that I can sneak looks at things like that. Most of the flood rings have been cleaned off the buildings at Tulane and in the surrounding neighborhoods. There are fewer and fewer construction trucks on that road leading to the campus. And the residents all bought new lawns which are turning nice and green.

It was another really quiet day at work. The student "secretary" and I were the only ones there for most of the afternoon. The others were either on vacation or at a big meeting. I plugged away at the latest box of files and they are starting to make a bit of sense. So much of the mterial in these boxes from the development office are about raising money.

I read the accreditation report for Tulane. It got re-accredited a couple of years before Xavier. I must have been on full time the semester the people came to Xavier because I learned a lot about the whole process. It was interesting to see the committee's response to Tulane.

I read the Affirmative Action report, and I think I read something else. I don't need to read all this stuff, but it's interesting learning how universities are run.

AND--I read a bunch of police reports. Most of them were issued because somebody forgot to lock a building door. There were a couple, however, about "illicit" activity in a couple of men's rooms where someone had cut holes in the wall between the stalls.

My supply of small plastic paper clips ran out, but I discovered the secretary had some. She doesn't need them--metal are okay for ordinary stuff. I checked Office Depot, WalMart, and Sam's, but none of them had any. I may call what I think is the only independent stationer in town and see if he carries them. It's not really urgent--the department ordered more a while back. Eventually that order will come in.

Last night, which was NOT a cold night, Fabian decided that he wanted to cuddle. All night long. I had a sheet over me, so at least his furry body was not in full contact with my potentially sweaty one. Isn't it great to be adored! Must he adore me in the hot weather?

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