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Some Strange Stuff Came Out of the Sky
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It was wet and preceded by rumbling. I think it's called "rain."

It lasted for about an hour or so and now it's sunny again--and a bit more humid. I was inside PJ's the whole time, draped across that big chair, reading. I pretty much guaranteed that it would stop by the time I left by taking in an umbrella. That is really a very powerful magic piece. It may not let me fly, like Mary Poppins' umbrella, but it frequently holds imminent rain off till I am inside something.

I e-mailed a former anthropology professor of mine asking if we could talk a bit about "the project." She sent a really nice reply and said of course. Now I need to get back with her and settle on a time.

I had her for my first "women's" course, and one of the books we read really got me thinking. It was In a Different Voice by Carol Gilligan, and I've run into several other people who also found that course and book to be wake-up calls, so to speak. She (the professor) also found it totally unsurprising that a woman almost 50 was returning to school. I'm looking forward to getting together with her.

I have a hard time realizing that it is June already! The time has gone by much more quickly since I started working. I have a daughter and a granddaughter who have birthdays this month. I should really look for Father's Day cards for my two sons-in-law, because they are great daddys. They take care of the kids when their wives are away. And I have seen both of them changing diapers. (Not recently, in the case of OD!)

Fabian was cuddly again last night. Hooray.

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