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Today the Back
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This afternoon I had another spinal injection for the sciatica. They are working really well. The doctor used more anesthetic in the injection today, and it was a couple of hours before I could feel enough with my feet to walk. But, the back feels great. One more injection in the series in about three weeks.

But first, the glow in the dark adventure. That's tomorrow morning. It should be interesting. Once again, I'll take along plenty of reading material.

I wouldn't say that I've lived here a long time, but a nurse spotted me and asked about swim classes for her four year old--at her house. I don't do individual lessons, but I told her she might try the young woman (I think she'll be a college junior this fall) that aided for me for a bunch of years. And while headed for Radiology a guy standing around said hello. He knew me from the physical therapy (wound care) after Elvis bit me.

I had two inquiries about the non-functioning air conditioner, and a guy whose AC had a broken fan just picked it up. If you have a Free Use (used to be Freecycle) forum in your area, get on their mailing list. You never know what you might find, or who might be looking for a treasure in your trash. It's Yahoo group around here.

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