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Nuclear Medicine
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Today was the bone scan, and it started out at about 9:30 AM when I was given an IV injection of something radioactive, then told to come back in about three hours.

Nothing is ever simple, however, and when I got to the lab I realized that I had not comleted the transfer of the cell phone from the pocket of my early AM shorts to the pocket of the more presentable pants I was wearing. So, I headed back home, retrieved the cell phone, watched a bit of TV, then headed back to the hospital. First stop was the orthopaedist's office to pick up my X-rays from there so I could deliver them to the hospital. This was not a big deal since he has his office in an adjacent building and the parking garage is connected to both. (And the hospital is only 3.5 miles from where I live.)

Eventually it was time for the scan. That was so ordinary I fell asleep during it. The woman doing it said it took about 20 minutes.

Next Tuesday I see the doctor to talk about what it did and/or didn't show.

The carpenter guy came by late this afternoon, looked at the fence, figured out what was needed, and agreed to my $20/hr. pay rate. I'll see how he does on this and if Im happy I just might be able to get those peeling walls fixed up inside. And probably a bunch of other stuff.

I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. Three days in a row with medical stuff is for the birds.

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