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Finally I got back to work. Hardly anybody was there today. The archivist is on vacation; the director and the publicity person are off to somewhere on the West Coast to a Women's Studies Convention. The librarian downstairs was about the only person with keys.

For a while I was by myself, then the volunteer who is going to become a certified librarian via online courses (from LSU) arrived. Usually she has to dash off to pick up her little boy, but today her husband was home and could do it.

And then I met someone new. She's a Visiting Scholar working on a book about a New Orleans woman from the turn of the last century. We chatted a bit, told each other what we were working on, and she thought my topic sounded really interesting. I'm getting good feedback from people in the field about the lack of much about the topic. Now I MUST get going and get that proposal in. There appears to be a definite market for the material. And very few people working in it.

By late afternoon the sciatic pain had ebbed substantially, thank goodness, and I could report progress when the doctor called to check on me. I told him I'd be learning about the hip stuff next Tuesday and based on that would make the appointment for the last treatment. If only the hip pain would go away as easily.

We actually have rain predicted for tomorrow. I hope the carpenter guy comes early! And I hope it (the rain) does more than just raise the humidity.

I am so pleased with my new window AC unit. There's been a lot of progress in the last ten or so years. It's cooling almost as soon as I turn it on and is much quieter than the old one.

Did I mention that the old one got taken by a guy who thought he could use the fan in a unit he had, and thus be able to have AC in his grandson's room? He e-mailed me that it worked.

And what do y'all think about the successful attack on the Fourth Amendment? According to the Supreme Court, evidence seized after a "failure to knock" entry (formerly considered a 4th Amendment infringement) can be presented in court. In the past, "failure to knock" meant the evidence was illegally obtained, and thus could not be presented as evidence. You may well say that you have nothing to hide--but who knows what might be considered seditious these days? I encourage you to check out today's A Word A Day (link on the sidebar.) And if you're reading this tomorrow, go to the site and backtrack till you get to theomania. The description of the word should make you stop and think.

And that's it for today. Finally.

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