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Two Things
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tend to be uncomfortable (albeit otherwise pleasurable) in hot, humid weather. The other one is having a 20+ pound cat decide he HAS to sprawl all over your lap.

He spent most of last night stretched out along my side. Luckily, I was somewhat protected from shedding fur by a sheet. I am cynical enough to suspect that he is more interested in the airflow from the fan than cuddling with me.

I think I left my cane in the grocery cart at WalMart this morning. It has my name and phone number on it, so I'll give them a call tomorrow. Usually it stays in the car (I currently use a crutch for going up and down my steps and thence to the car), but when I went to grab it for going into Arby's it wasn't there. I have another one for inside the house, and I have a fold-up one for travelling. I also have a wooden one that belonged to my mother, was used by my husband a little bit (it must have been--it's got his address label on it), and has now been shortened an inch (love that table saw) to be my indoor one, in case this morning's just disappeared.

Fortunately, this was the first day in about six weeks when I have not felt desparately in need of it for travelling more than six feet. I'll cross fingers to see what tomorrow brings. Tuesday I see the doctor for the results of the bone scan. Cross fingers, please.

We had a few drops of rain today. Naturally, this was just as I was going out. For the first mile it was a little sprinkle, then I could see a harder rainline across the road ahead. And it was definitely coming down there. For about five minutes at the most. By the time I'd gone a mile there was no more rain. The weather radar offers little hope of any more. Texas is getting some good showers, but they disappear before they get past western Louisiana.

I haven't watched any news today so I don't have anything to get really upset about.

BBC news online carried the story that the Episcopal Church of the United States has nominated a woman to be presiding bishop!!! Of course the general assembly still has to approve it.

And I've GOT to get that letter of recommendation written TONIGHT.

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