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5 more hours
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and a few minutes until I am officially a septuagenarian.

I was born two minutes before midnight--not that I remember.

One of the people was back from her particular trip. This was the center director. I told her I'd come up with a working title (Making Man and Woman) and she seemed to think it was a good one. Now all I need is the 40,000 words to explain and support the title! But having a title is helping me focus on exactly (more or less) how and what I am going to argue. I've been reading tons and tons of stuff and now I think I know how to start putting things together.

My next goal is to list what I want to cover in each chapter. And then, of course, start getting it in writing. If I wasn't at the Women's Center I would probably bog down and never get this done, but they are so supportive and act as though of course I can do it. Assuming I get the proposal in, and it is accepted, and I get the whole book done, the Women's Center will be right at the top of the "grateful apps." list.

The other evening I was googling around and found that I am still listed on the Xavier site ( The two full times who "bit the Katrina dust" are no longer profiled.

Today was another stinking hot one. There was a little bit of rain down at Tulane, but luckily not when I was going to or from the car. The further east I got as I drove home the less cloudy it was. Texas, especially Houston, is getting hammered by the rains, but they just don't seem to be moving east.

Two more days till the solstice.

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