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Well, the doctor said there are some areas that aren't quite right and there are two possibilities. One involves surgery. We decided to see what it's like three months from now. It may just need more healing time.

I guess I shouldn't emulate George 41, who had his first parachute jump when he turned 70.

With the usual wait times, that took up the early part of the afternoon. When I finished with him I had lunch at the usual place and read some more. Then I transferred to PJ's (after first dropping off a prescription next door at Walgreen's) and read a bit more, then worked on a table of contents and semi-outline. When I checked the time I saw I needed only an hour more before the prescription would be ready, so I went back to reading.

That's about it for the day. This evening will be more reading while I watch TV. Tomorrow is a work day.

I haven't heard much on the news so I don't have stuff to get upset about.

It's still hot and the rain clouds just are not forming over us. At least they've moved from Texas.

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