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That's the best way to describe my day.

It started inauspiciously when I couldn't find my sleeveless black tank top. After a few minutes' futile search I decided to wear the white one. Not a big deal--the overshirt plan went from white over black to black over white. (I still wonder where the black top is hiding.)

The next bit of disturbed routine came when I found both the handicapped spots near the building where I worked were occupied. On my second circuit around I realized that I could park on the street since there were plenty of openings. I ended up only 30 steps from my building, versus 70 from my usual parking place.

It was a really quiet day, even though everyone who was supposed to be there was. I got the second box of alumnae newsletters all organized and processed. These went back to 1935, and it was interesting to read some of them. I was especially interested in the ones during the war years. There was a request for women (preferably with college degrees) to train as Nurse's Aides. The reasoning is rather quaint, to say the least.

Just as a point of trivia--the quality of the paper used for these newsletters went way down during the war. Those are the pages that have gone brown and brittle, especially at the edges. The newsletters also decreased in frequency and in the number of pages.

The skies here remain clear and the air stays hot. The humidity was really low today, which helped. The weather guessers are sort of keeping fingers crossed that the Fourth will not be the day the rains come.

My parish is under a burn ban (it's been under one almost since Katrina) and that includes fireworks, unless they are part of a municipal display. That is going to put a bunch of people who sell the things out of business, but we have had almost no rain since Katrina and everything is really really dry.

Freckles is moving better since I switched her to the same glucosamine that I take. It costs less and has the same basic ingredients. The vet it was okay. Now if she could only get over the thunder problem.

I haven't really listened to the news the last couple of days, but I did catch something about Bush not agreeing with the Supreme Court (it was 8 - 1) about Guantanamo and military tribunals. Doesn't he realize that that the G in his name is not for a three letter name of a divinity? For someone who touts law and order, he certainly seems to go out of his way to flout laws with which he doesn't agree.

Enough of that--I don't want an ulcer.

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