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Rain!! it's cooled the air down and is replenishing the rather parched soil. If we get the additional rain the meteorologists say we'll have tonight, and if it rains again tomorrow (also a strong possibility), then we just might manage to get throught the Fourth without any fireworks-induced fires. Setting off fireworks has been banned in this parish, but the stands are nevertheless selling them. I expect to hear a bunch going off Tuesday evening.

This morning I looked at the weather radar and figured I could get my grocery shopping done before it started. The first raindrops fell as I took the groceries to the car. However, that was just a teaser--it wasn't raining when I brought them in the house.

Most of this afternoon had either thunder and/or rain.

Being a goddess is hot--especially when the one adoring you is 25 pounds of yellow/orange fur and is lying across your shorts-clad legs. Fabian doesn't like stormy weather and wants contact--at least until the thunder gets noisy-- and then he goes under the couch.

I did what one is supposed to do when it rains in the afternoon--I took a nap. I also started reading Kitty Goes to Washington, the second book in a mystery-type series with a werewolf protagonist. Actually, these are pretty good. The first one (you can tell I've had advanced English courses) was about relationships and the need to belong. YD gave me the first one as she took me to the airport back in November. I left it in Kenya.

The Women's Center will be open tomorrow, so I will be going in. I'm trying to decide whether to be hokey and wear red, white, and blue. If the weather forecast doesn't indicate afternoon rain, I probably will. (I have a new pair of blue shoes that I'm not ready to get wet yet.)

I need to contact my Mobile friend about a date for our Gulf Coast Women's Conference. We agreed that our annual five-hour lunch would be in July, but didn't set a date. It's July now and high time to do that.

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