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Where is Everybody?
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To say today was a quiet day at work would be a mjaor understatement. The Center director and the archivist were here, as was the brand new secretary. I had the big computer etc. room to myself for most of the day. Since the printer is down, there weren't even people running in to pick up their printouts.

I finished up another box. All that's left is to record it on the computer. And then move on to the next box. From what Susan says, I should be finished with ALL the unprocessed files from the alumnae Office by the end of the month.

Very few people were on campus today--it's not a school day. Oh--there were three or four who came by to check out our button-maker and see about making some for themselves for I have no idea what.

It didn't rain for my drive in and it wasn't raining when I left. That was a bit of luck.

Tomorrow is a holiday--the meaning of that (for me) is no mail. And probably a noisy evening, even with the fireworks ban. We had a good bit of rain yesterday and last night so I'm not as concerned about fires.

I think somebody was taking a nap in the washer today--most likely when it thundered (which it probably did). The door was wide open when I got home. (It's a front-loader.)

I have almost finished that book that I will be passing on to YD, and I spotted another one that's a lightweight read when I was at the drugstore this afternoon. It's a Stephanie Plum in her bounty hunter series. #11.

I thought the world had ended earlier this evening. I was not getting my cable to connect. All the lights that were supposed to be on were; I did all the things that I'd been told in previous tech calls. Still no connection. I tried my laptop but it wouldn't connect there either. So, I settled down for about 15 minutes of stupid recorded voices saying do this, do that, say yes or no, before a human came on. Not this time--it took only three steps to get a human. His suggestion worked and was related to the router. Now I know what to try the next time I have a problem.

And I'm thinking about when the the phone company's robot was getting absolutely nowhere talking to my answering machine robot. Guess the cable people found real humans were more satisfactory. This one even sounded American! No matter what country, a human is so much more flexible than a machine.

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