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Writing an entry, letting a cat cuddle, and watching TV--that's my version of multi-tasking. I'm also working on better control of the cursor, not to mention the different shape to the keyboard.

This wasn't a very productive day, at least to my way of thinking. Most of the morning I was immersed in the Janet Evanovich book (Eleven on Top). I eventually got the trash up to the street about noon. Sometimes the hauler picks it up on a holiday and makes a trip to the landfill before picking up his regular Wednesday people.

(Oops! there goes somebody shooting off noisemakers. The cats are not happy about this. Neither, I'm sure, are the dogs. Oh well, it happens only twice a year.)

I went to WalMart around noonish (after I finished the book) and got the dry dog food I needed. And I managed to get few enough other things that I could use the jiffy line.

Lupper at Arby's, where I reviewed African Exodus to get my timelines straight regarding the emergence of homo and mulier sapiens. Yesterday I started a rough outline of the first chapter and of a preface/introduction sort of thing.

(My theory is that by talking about this project I will eventually have to get off my you know what and produce.)

Thunder starting a bit now--that mades the cats want to be near each other and me. Isn't it great being a goddess!

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