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I finally got myself into the "put pencil in hand" mood necessary to actually start writing and I got the proposal itself rewritten. The next step, of course, is to get the first draft of a chapter done, but I'm about at saturation point on the background information.

I do the first draft in pencil on a legal pad. It's much easier to cross out and put little side notes as I go than doing the first draft on the computer. For example: the revision of the proposal itself is partly on the typed draft copy, but also on a pad of paper. The typed copy has little numbers all over where I am inserting something or changing it. Luckily, this does not need footnotes, but I do need to refer to what has and hasn't been written about the topic.

I also realized that it would be very smart of me to start a bibliography as I read things. Does anyone know if Word will alphabetize a list? And if so, how? I suppose I could try Help, but asking online is another version of Help as far as I'm concerned.

That took up most of my afternoon. I decided I'd try rough-drafting while ensconced in the big easy chair, and it worked just fine. And my back feels great and my leg better. It cost me about $5 for the OPAC and super comfy chair. (Two big coffees--half decaf--and a fresh, warm scone. Plus tips.)

I spent so much of the afternoon there that I didn't have time when I got home to pull weeds. Oh darn.

Now to transcribe my scribblings into electronic images.

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