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No title--that takes too much thinking and I don't really have the energy to attempt to think of something clever--or at least apropos.

Since we now have a secretary whose day starts at 8:30 I left the house a bit earlier, knowing that if things went well I wouldn't have to sit outside waiting for someone to open up the building. I got there right about 9, same as the archivist. She opened the library for me so I didn't have to trudge upstairs (22 of them) to get the secretary to open it up. I don't know where the librarian was today.

I spent all day working on the incredibly disorganized box of files and by the time I went home I had them organized and refiled in acid-free folders. AND--I got the folders almost completely labelled. I don't have a box number yet for them. I need to find out how many boxes total then I can get adjacent numbers for the whole set.

One of the interesting things I ran across was a course that Barnard offers (offered?) in math for those not inclined to math. Taught by a math person, an anthropoligist, and an economist (I think) the purpose is to make math meaningful in daily life.

No sign of the dogs today either. And I had just bought 20 lbs. of dry dog food and about eight cans of wet. Oh well, the shelter can use all that. I'll wait a couple of weeks before giving it away, just in case they suddenly decided to go wandering and return home after all. Since they're more than 14, it's more likely that, if they sensed their time was up, they went out into the woods where they were born.

I didn't leave work today till almost 5 PM. That explains why it seems that nightfall has come really quickly. And no, I'm not going to try to see the spacelab. It will be visible here, but only about 10 degrees above the horizon--and there are still enough trees around here to put a crimp in that idea.

The last time I went out to see the shuttle it never got past Texas. That was Discovery. I was standing in the middle of the road looking (we'd seen another shuttle coming over us for a landing so I knew where to look) and then checking my watch. Finally I went inside to hear that they'd lost contact. I called friends in California (known them since Cheyenne--they also came through the space program) and borderline woke them up. They got the TV on immediately. You all know the rest.

Enough blithering for today. Glad I don't work tomorrow--they're having a dry run for hurricame buttoning down.

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