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Mini Mouse and the Wet Head
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Today started with a trip to WalMart for a mouse for the laptop. I got myself a mini-mouse (optical) and once I put it on the computer I'll be ready to start listing all the books I'm using for the "project."

It was a typical morning, weather-wise. When I left it was sprinkling just a bit. Before I'd gotten through the subdivision (total of 2 miles) it was raining enthusiastically. And halfway to the road the stores are on it became a 20 mph torrential downpour for about half a mile. By the time I parked it was merely a sprinkle. Total distance: 3.5 miles. When I came out of the store it was bright and sunny.

After I'd had lunch I went to the health club and swam for about half an hour on a 7-day trial pass. It's almost a year since I've been swimming. I did 500 yards easily, but then my foot began cramping so I quit for the day. After I'd put myself back together I signed up for a year, putting the monthly fee on credit card automatic.

My hair is still wet, since I didn't discover a shower with a hand spray. The signer-upper said there was one, so I'll look for it next visit. I think I'll wait till tomorrow morning to wash the hair.

The pool is quite nice--25 yards long. It has six lanes, but they are narrower than standard and there are no baffle ropes between the lanes, like at the UNO pool. But the others swimming there were quite polite and we watched out for each other as we chugged along. It supposedly has salt water, but I can barely taste it and I don't feel salty at all. It definitely has chlorine in it! The temperature is a bit warmer than I'm used to (at UNO) but it's not overly warm and I'll get used to it. My goal is swimming at least twice a week--on my not-work days. I'll have to see how the weekend crowd is regarding the pool.

I had no problems with my hip and leg (unless you count getting in and out of the pool)--swimming doesn't put weight on it.

UNO doesn't work out for me time-wise, and I'm not totally sure it's open. I haven't felt like driving over there--a lot of the areas around it were badly flooded, and I'm not talking about low-end houses. My pool will not be done while it's swimming weather this year, although I have high hopes for next year. By then I'll know if it's worth keeping the membership for the cool months.

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