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Although this date is highly rememberable, today was incredibly unremarkable.

I think that tonight I shall toss BadCat out, rather than have her tear at screens. I took off the carpeting on the door pillar--put there as a scratching post, but which apparently had become a climbing post to a place where she could loosen screen. So, she wins this round and will get to spend the night outside, whether she wants to or not.

Part of this morning went into temporary fixes on the screen door. I don't remember where the other part went.

I had a late lunch, with reading, then didn't quite beat the torrential rains to PJ's. I sat in the car until it let up a bit, then made a dash for the door. I did some reading and then a bunch of chit-chat with another "regular." About four o-clock I headed for swimming.

That is definitely a good time. At most, there were only four people in the pool. As I was swimming on my back I noticed sprinklers in the ceiling. Over the pool. "Code," no doubt. I pushed out 1/2 mile again without a stop-swimming foot cramp. Maybe more swimming will take care of that problem.

Does anybody want to take bets on what "W" will do in the Mid-East next? Send in troops to help the Israelis? Send in troops to help the Lebanese? Look at a map to see just where these countries are? Read about the other times the U. S. has intervened in Lebanon?

And I won't even get started on his comprehension of what happens to stored embryos if they aren't used to become babies.

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