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Another Ordinary Day
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Today I had the library all to myself, except for when another worker came in to do more stuff with the wetness-control covers. (Huge sheets of plastic to cover stacks, this time in the archives area.)

I tackled the set of folders about the history of Newcomb which never got finished. I read a bit more and realized that if it had been a paper from a student that paper would be hemorrhaging red marks from poor sentence structure and a bunch of other things. I went upstairs during the lunchish time to talk to Beth about it and find out the background. She had been one of the key people on the committee for this thing. We had a good conversation and I told her how much I was learning just by reading all these archives. I hope I have come up with some ideas for doing my "project."

This morning as I drove in during peak commuting hours I once again marvelled at the changes in traffic patterns. New Orleans East is still largely abandoned. The New Orleans cops are short of staff and have much better things to do with their time than get picky about all the cars on the interstate going in excess of the 60 mph limit in the city itself. The actual speed of the road has been running about 75. What was really impressive was going up and over the High Rise (one of the worst traffic clog spots in the city) at 70 mph. And a little further down the road having a cop whiz by me as I drove about 75.

The afternoons are starting to look a little bit familiar. Coming home this afternoon (a Friday) a bit before 5 PM there was a slowdown (to maybe 45) going over the High Rise. I didn't see any signs of an accident, so it must have been just plain old get-out-of-town-on-Friday traffic.

Nothing unusual planned for the weekend. The weather forecast is the standard one for summer--hot, with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. And tomorrow will probably be another ordinary day.

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