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I couldn't help but notice that they're testing the school zone lights. School starts next week, and this time I'll have school zones on the way to New Orleans.

The high school that got totalled by Katrina was demolished and replaced, for the time being, by a slew of portables. Since much of its student area got serious damage from the storm surge I think it's safe to say that its enrollment will be down.

I'm not sure what the scoop is about the Catholic school that also got wiped out last August 29. They may be going the portable route also.

At any rate, I'll have to watch for the school zones next week.

On the way home this afternoon I got another free car wash--a highly localized rainstorm. The car was dry before I even got to the bridges. Too bad we didn't have any on the north side of the lake--it would cool things off a bit.

As I came up the driveway I spotted Emma (YD's cat) on the front porch. She spotted me and skittered off to somewhere "safe." But at least she's curious about the house that has been home to about three dozen cats over its lifetime. All those smells should say "friendly."

There's plenty of food and water available, and three litter boxes, so she should be just fine.

As I said, just another day.

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