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Cool Back
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I'm sitting here with the center section of my back very cool. It's because there's wet hair hanging down--hair that got wet while I was swimming this afternoon.

I had a really satisfying swim, but concluded that the pool is NOT 25 yds. long, like they claim it is. If it is, I'm swimming my distances in less time that I did 20 years, arthroscopic knee and two hip surgeries ago. I'll try to remember to take a tape measure next time. For now, I'm going to assume it's 20 yards--60 feet. I know it's more than 50 feet--that's the length of my pool and I know the "feel" of 50 feet.

At any rate, I had minimal cramping and each time was able to work it out easily. I did 72 lengths, which, if the pool had been 25 yards, would have been a mile--1720 yds.

It's always fun when a new book arrives and I can see if it's as good as the blurb suggested. Today's book is definitely every bit as good as it sounded. Title is Gender Archaeology, but I can't remember the author offhand. It's got a lot of good information that enhances my thinking about pre-history and gender development.

Emma (YD's cat) has decided to camp out behind the sewing machine. That way she gets good breezes and can see almost everything that goes on. My sleep last night was not particularly good quality--I'd get to sleep and then Emma and another cat would have a bit of get-acquainted "conversation." It's quiet now though and I think Emma has realized that she is perfectly safe here. There's plenty of food and water available, and three cat bathrooms.

Tonight is the first Saints game of the season. They won't have a home game until September 25--the Dome still has interior work going on, but it's going just fine. It will be good to see the people next to us, assuming they're still here. In fact, I expect most our section "regulars" will be doing the "how'd ya do?" bit. The Saints have already sold more than 55,000 season tickets (Dome capacity is about 65,000.) In fact, the sales have been so good that they're wondering if it might be a total sell-out. I sure hope our new coach and superstar draft choice will get the team fired up.

Time to "fluff out" my hair a bit more. I plan on doing yard work tomorrow, which will soak it with sweat, so there's no point washing it tonight. Besides, the somewhat salty pool water leaves it really nice.

Geaux Saints!

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