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A Hot One
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I just checked to see if it was as hot as I think it is, and it is. Temp is 90, with "feels like" of 98. No wonder I'm tired and feeling wiped out!

School starts tomorrow here (I think) and therefore I have to think about school zones. It also means that the end of my street will be one-way for a total of four hours a day, and I will have to detour slightly to get from the house to where I'm going. When I'm headed for work, that's actually a bit shorter, but for ordinary in-town stuff it's a royal pain.

I decided to pass on the "opportunity" to earn $100 for a day that starts at 5:30 AM and goes till at least 8:30 PM. If I don't move around a bit I really stiffen up and that is a really long day.

Emma seems to be settling in. She no longer growls at the resident cats but just ignores them. I'm assuming she eats. There's dry cat food in at least two places in the house. I assume also that she is using one of the three litter boxes placed throughout the house. I've noticed that "new" cats seem to like to use the resident cats' litter box as a way of establishing rights to territory.

At any rate, my sleep was uninterrupted last night.

This is one of those evenings when I really miss my pool. If it was functioning I'd be out there as the sun set getting my body nicely cooled down. Oh well, the summer doesn't last forever, and afternoon rains (we had none today, so far) cool things down also.

(You're right--it's another IUD>)

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