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Hot again, except today I was in an air-conditioned building all day. When I went to my car after work it was hotter than it had ever come near with the heater on full blast.

On the other hand, I didn't have a ticket sitting under my wiper, like I did last Friday. The campus cop evidently didn't see well enough to see where I had scratched off the date on the "daily" tag. Luckily, he also didn't notice that I've been recycling the tags since March by filling in the scratched-off parts with a silver felt-tip pen. This cop also didn't like the way I had clipped my handicapped tag and the Tulane parking tag together. I never thought too much of the Tulane campus cops when I was a student there, and my opinion is about the same.

At any rate, I took the ticket to the archivist and she will fix it for me.

School zones this morning--and my street blocked off in the last block. To make sure people remembered there was a motorcycle cop sitting there where you turn to make the detour.

The school zones didn't slow me down nearly as much as the "regular" traffic on the interstate. The usual speed, at least in the two left lanes, is normally 70 (the limit) and up. Not today--the "fastest" lane was going less than 60. About halfway in to the city the pace picked up a bit, but that first stretch was on the frustrating side.

I have just about finished processing all seven cartons of alumnae office files!! A little bit more to do on Wednesday and then I'll log all this stuff onto the computer. Then I'll make list of all the "notable" people for whom there are bio folders and tell just where the info can be found.

Today I processed the file for Corinne Claiborne ("Lindy") Boggs. She is a descendent of the first governor of Louisiana. She was married to Hale Boggs and lived much of her life in Washington, where he represented the New Orleans area in Congress. When he disappeared in a flight over Alaska Lindy was appointed to fill out his term. She was then elected to the seat on her own for the next about 17 years. After she retired from Congress she was appointed ambassador to the Vatican. She must be almost 90 by now. Cokie Roberts is her daughter.

Needless to say, she has a thick file.

On my lunch break I read some more in Gender in Archaeology. I'm barely "into" the book and I can see where it will be a big help in directing my thinking and avoiding pitfalls. The biggest danger in any kind of historical research is that of looking for precedents for contemporary behavior--using contemporary standards. Example: assuming that very early women did nothing but gather (forage) while men did nothing but hunt big game. I could go on and on (and probably shall as I get more into my project) but that's enough for now.

The drive home was uneventful--things are getting back to "normal" and there was a slowdown on the high rise. Even though it's still "up and over" in the morning, the last few afternoons have had their slower spots.

Emma came out from behind the sewing machine to meow hello at me this afternoon. Apparently she and the other cats have reached an agreement of sorts. I'm assuming that she is eating and using one of the three cat boxes available. She definitely likes looking out the windows.

And now to watch "The Closer." I do enjoy that show!.

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