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Thunder all Around
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It's dark, it's noisy--now what we need are the cool breezes that come with a thunderstorm.

I finished up seven boxes of files from the Alumnae Office, and then spent the afternoon logging all their contents onto the computer. The archivist had gone home to wait for the rat killer (pest control) so I ended up leaving a bit early.

Unless she has another batch of stuff waiting for me, I'm going to go through the inventories of what I've done and write up a locater guide for all the "famous alums" that have files. There's a woman who developed wrinkle-free cotton fabric, the wife of Dr. Michael DeBakey (the heart guy) who is herself well-known for "translating" medical-ese.

Luckily, there is no end to Things That Need Doing.

No more tickets, even though I am continuing to recycle my three "daily" passes.

Last night I was checking out a book that had been referenced in the latest one I'm reading. I went to Amazon. They brought up the appropriate screen, but also put a big message across the top of the page reminding me that I'd ordered this book already. Now I have to check to see if it's arrived yet. Luckily, I am stacking all the books for the "project" on one chair. (Luckily also, I seldom have a guest that might want to sit on that chair.)

Well, it's still thundering, but there's not much rain. At least it will cool things down somewhat.

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