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After talking with another genuine swimmer (as opposed to the people who sort of wander around the pool with both feet on the ground) I concluded that the pool is 22 yards long. Okay--that jibes with my stroke count. And, it makes for very easy mileage calculations, since 440 yds. is a quarter mile is 20 lengths (10 laps).

Thus, I have a more or less exact distance count for today. I did a half mile in various strokes, then did the last eighth all in back crawl. And, cross fingers that it continues, no foot cramps.

Swimming is so nice--there's no weight on the bad leg. And it's nice to know that my leg muscles (and arm muscles) are in great shape.

This afternoon Emma decided to come out onto the porch when I was putting food down for the cats. Either she didn't seem to be challenging them or they are used to her. No territorial discussions. She's being a very good house guest--and my three are being good host/hostesses.

Emma has also found a fantastic (to her way of thinking) claw sharpener--my sewing basket. Luckily it's old, but it is a basket and really gives her little toenails a good workout. I haven't checked it for durability since I spotted her using it, but it's pretty sturdy.

No thunder today and no sign of rain. The rain raises the humidity, but it also lowers the air temperature. A mixed blessing.

The Spike Lee film documentary about Katrina has gotten some good comments. I don't think I really want to see it--I was here and listening to the radio as they took calls from people taking refuge in their attics and on their roofs from the rising waters. And every (other) day I see the flood-devasted areas of East New Orleans. I hate to think what the Ninth Ward looks like.

But it should be of great interest to those who were not here.

Back to more cheerful topics--the Gulf appears to be free of tropical weather at the moment.

The Saints actually won a pre-season game. Deuce McAllister says he's ready to go. (He had knee surgery off-season.) Reggie Bush made a beautiful run in the pre-season game.

What more can I ask?

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