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Yep--swimming again, and that 88O is half a mile. It feels so good to be swimming and my leg not hurting from weight on it. And the swimming helps strengthen the muscles and stirs up the circulation.

Today was another hot one, and only a little bit of rain came by--just enough to kick up the humidity.

Somebody (in the ladies' room at the gym) told me WalMart is now open till 10 PM. (The funny part about the aforementioned conversation is that I was in one stall and the other person elsewhere. She though I was someone else when she started the casual chit-chat.) She also said they opened at 8 AM. Up until now they've been open 7 AM - 8 PM. I try to get there really early on Sunday morning for the weekly shopping, but I don't think I've ever made it before 8 so what am I concerned about.

Had a phone call from California--nice way to start the day.

And, I got rid of a bicycle rack that has been taking up space on the patio for quite a while. It needs to be wire-brushed and repainted, but feels nice and solid. I Freecycled it and got a quick taker. She came by with her grandkids this morning to pick it up. She was ecstatic--she's wanted one for a while, but found them to be really expensive. This one she got for the cost of a can of Rustoleum. And I'll bet the grandkids get to do the painting. (In that case, make it two cans of paint.)

I should probably set a goal for swimming distance--or maybe fix myself a chart like I had years ago when the Red Cross had a 50 mile swim program. You charted your swims in quarter mile increments, and when you had 50 miles you got a neat card.

At least I should sleep better tonight than I did last night!

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