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Yep--not much of anything today.

I did remember to get the pieces (bolt and washer) to finish assembling the long-handled clippers. And I remembered to get a trickle charger. At one time, there was one in the garage, but I am quite sure that it has walked off by now, maybe to someone who has the riding mower.

I also got some food. And two neat blouses that will work as summer "jackets" and were marked down from $15 to $7. All in all, what a WalMart stop should be--a bit of everything.

I fed the car and calculated that I got just about 25 mpg on the last tank. I think the gas was $2.789/gal. When I got home there was a little snub-nosed dog dragging his leash and wanting to come up my driveway. The leash fell off, and I told him in stern tones that he NOT going to come in my house. There were no tags on his collar. He disappeared shortly thereafter--maybe BadCAt told him where to go. I should really put the leash out on the mailbox or something.

There was a late lunch at Arby's, which lasted longer than usual thanks to a torrential rain for about 20 minutes. At least my car looks nice and clean now. Then off to PJ's for some reading in the latest book--Health and the Rise of Civilization.

In other words, an Incredibly Unremarkable Day.

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