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Here We Go Again
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Ernesto is headed for the Gulf. Who was it used to say "it's deja vu all over again?"

Wonder what the odds are regarding a tropical storm hitting the same place on the same day in consecutive years.

There will be lots of hits on the various weather sites this weekend.

At work I am chugging along on this tallying project. I have all the cards sorted by decades, and the twenties and thirties arranged by years in their decades. And I have figured out how I'll tally the information so that no one will ever have to look at the crards again.

I brought the sheets with the comments home and I'll type them up here. I am not yet comfortable working on a Mac, and MS Word does NOT work exactly the same. I was typing a title and automatically went "control i" and it didn't italicize the title. Therefore, I shall type up all this stuff on my PC, save it in RTF, and put it on a memory stick. The computer guru there says that will work best.

This morning I gave up and left for work almost an hour later than usual when I heard that because someone had stupidly had an accident on the westbound Twin Span and hit the support rail, one lane was closed so they could fix it immediately. Traffic was backed up for about five miles on the interstate and road leading to the old bridge. Oh, and just to add to the fun, the third choice--US 90--was also backed up because the two bridges on that are newly repaired and only one way at a time was being allowed.

It took me about 25 minutes longer than usual to get in. While I crept along in the line getting to the bridge I got my nails all filed down.

Tulane is starting to come alive--RAs got here this week and the freshmen arrive over the weekend for orientation. Next week should be absolutely awful when it comes to traffic and parking. I will make a point of getting there by 8:30 (when the secretary arrives) next week.

The weekend will probably have some rain each day. I'd like to get some more of the tall weeds out of the yards and the rain will loosen up the roots. The lawn where I have done weeding is looking good, albeit a bit long, and the native bermuda is growing happily to fill in the dirt spots.

Of course, like everyone else, I'll also be following the track of Ernesto.

(Was it Joe Garagiola?)

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