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Weeds, Corn, and Blackberries
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Those are just a few of forms of greenery around my house. And today I promised myslef I would fill at least two kitchen trash bags with those I don't like.

I got all but one of what looks like corn from the "front" (actually, it's to the side of my trailer) lawn out. That one survived because it's pregnant. Well, not really pregnant, but it looks like it's trying to produce something on a stalk. I also cleared out various crawly , ground-hugging things. I should have trimmed the bermuda grass that is trying to cover my patio, but postponed that job. So what happened?--it rained and I could have had those trimmings happily putting roots into another section of yard that's mostly raw dirt.

That section didn't become raw dirt till I went around to the side and tackled the blackberry plants that were trying to take over the world. I got a bunch of them out, but they have underground runners so keeping the yard free of toe-punching plants is a never-ending task.

The weeding activity filled the two bags and left me fluid-depleted, based on the number of times I wiped my face and neck with a rapidly soggy towel.

But I was all set for the next step, after I'd had a quick shower. And that was Arby's and PJ's. It rained torrentially when I was in Arby's, and it hadn't really stopped after I'd made my way to PJ's and finished quite a good-sized chunk of reading. By the time the rain let up it was too late to swim, so I headed on home to hear the cheerful news that Ernesto is defintely headed into the Gulf. And I don't like the looks of its current track.

When I was at Arby's the group in the booth in front of me was talking. (They hung around until the rain started to let up too.) They were talking about where they would head this year. Apparently at least one of them is in a FEMA trailer, in Chalmette. (Chalmette got zapped by flood waters contaminated by a spill from an oil refinery.) They were talking about what to take along--not that there was that much left after last year. But they are all ready.

(Side note: people from Chalmette are known as Chalmettians--rhymes with the spotted dog.)

Rain is over for the time being, and it's nice and cool. Judging by the radar there will be more rain tonight, so there should be some good sleeping.

And the Saints are playing the Colts. It is, of course, on local TV--one of the "minor" channels, but so what.

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