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Insane, that is. Who else would bring work home from a volunteer job to do over the weekend?

Well, I'm not comfortable with the Macs in the office, especially if I am doing something other than a list in Word. First time I went to italicize a title I did the usual control I--and nothing happened. The process sounded too complex to worry about so I just used quotes around the title.

But these comment cards that I'm tallying are a little bit longer than a typical list of contents of an archives box. I asked the computer woman if I could really do something in Word on my PC and their Macs would be able to read it. She suggested saving it in RTF. So I did. And my comments tally, sorted by year of graduation, ended up being 14 pages.

If I hadn't had that to do I would have felt guilty if I didn't weed in the heat.

And on another front (the meteorological one) we in Katrinaland can breathe a bit easier--probably. Ernesto is supposedly going to veer eastward and catch the middle of Florida. It's also losing force and may be only a 2.

The only problem with this is that I read a pretty grim article on the Tampa hurricane site, telling what would happen if a big one drove into Tampa Bay, like Betsy and Katrina did with New Orleans. Basically, it would be another monumental disaster.

But we'll just hope that the Cuban mountains tire out the storm so it stays weak and does only minor damage.

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