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Students, that is, at Newcomb-Tulane. I left earlier than usual to be sure of a place to park and got there about two minutes before the secretary.

I'm just about done "playing" with the survey cards. I've tallied all the answers and gotten the cards together by graduation years. I need to remember to take my calculator with me tomorrow so I can figure out just how many expletive-deleted cards there are.

Since the fall semester started officially today some of last (academic) year's work/study students were back in the office. I still haven't figured out all the names, but they look familiar and seem to remember me.

I had an e-mail today from a kid who read my prehistory page (it's the womens history link on the links bar) and had a question: how did Paleolithic people learn to adapt to the environment? I've set that one at the back of my mind regarding just how to word it. I wish I knew the age of the writer. I don't want to sound too simplistic.

But it's a good question and one that I need to cover somewhat in my "project." One of the reasons I like students is because they always find ways to ask questions that make me really think things through. I'll work on that this evening and get a late e-mail off to this person.

No trophies from Mighty Huntress today. Yet. When I got home this afternoon Emma and CC were on the porch, on the cat shelves. And they were both telling me that (choose one) they were hungry, they missed human company, and why is BadCat out?

All in all, a very ordinary day, perhaps even an IUD.

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