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EOM & 1844
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For some reason, August has seemed to take forever to go by. Once August is over we can look forward to a certain amount of cooling down--maybe from the mid-nineties to the high eighties? Part of August's slowness this year is, I am sure, due to that life-altering anniversary two days ago. At any rate, I won't be sorry to turn the calendar page tomorrow morning.

1844. One thousand, eight hundred, forty four cards. I took my calculator in to make it easier to total things up, not to mention calculate percentages. I made several graphs so as to put the figures in a "readable" form. However, no particular pattern leaped out. I'll do some more with the information at home tomorrow and e-mail it in. The archivist was really pleased with what I'd done with the comments--they probably tell as much as the figures.

Emma has decided that the pathway my girls take to get to the porch is superior to just walking through the door. They usually start at the dining room table, jump to a bookcase, walk along the top of that, then out the window and onto the porch table. She seems to think going out the window is pretty cool.

Fabian, of course, uses the floor and the door. I'm not sure Fabian the Flabulous (as the pet-sitter called him) could get through the window and jump to the table.

My to-do list for tomoorw: Take papers to recycle center!!! I've been putting a sack of papers out in the car as soon as it is filled up. But I'm running out of paper grocery sacks and space in the back of my car. Time to dump them.

I haven't been able to ignore a fast-growing vine that is climbing a tree in the yard along the patio. I made a mental note to pull it down--but after I saw it full of blue flowers this morning I gave it a temporary reprieve. It's obviously a wild morning glory. As long as it keeps blooming, it can stay there. After that--well, you know what happens.

And the Saints are playing this evening.

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