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Nothing Like Low Humidity!
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We're under a high pressure system and it is not only keeping things like tropical weather away, it's keeping the humidity (relatively) low. It was so nice this morning I turned the fan in the den off. And it's still nice. It should be good sleeping tonight.

All that lovely weather should have given me tons of energy, and it did. Sort of. I really should have been doing outside stuff, but I thought that since it was the first of the month it would be nice to look for the dining room table and take care of accumulated mail, bills, etc. I did all that and then went to the Filing of Bills. No room for the latest batch (which included about three months of each topic) so I sorted and tossed anything more than a year old. And gave my shredder a workout.

I ended up with a bunch to be mailed and a deposit to make. When I headed out for lunch and errands I detoured by the post office and dropped off the outgoing. On my way back from lunch I swung through the bank's drive-up and took care of the other job.

I had two books arrive in the mail today and they both look quite promising. Who cares if TV is reruns of mindless garbage when there are books to be read?

This evening's weather report had the very good news that the hurricane guru of the US has reduced his forecast of 2006 hurricanes by a couple. This is good, and that high pressure system--and a couple of others behind it--are the reason. (I've told you that when you live in hurricane country you have a big incentive to learn a bunch about meteorology.)

This morning I clipped Emma's claws. She was not too happy about it, but did not scratch me. Tomorrow all the cats, including the company, get Frontlined.

(BTW, if you like flying I've added a link to a really cool site--Flight Level 360.)

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