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I decided that I hadn't had Popeye's Fried Chicken in absolutely forever so I swung by the one on my way home and got a two-piece mild dinner.

Oh my but that was good! Mild has just enough seasoning to give the flavor a lift, and the crust was incredibly crunchy and had no "greasy" feel or taste. And those two pieces were big ones--almost half a chicken.

Other than that, it was pretty much of an IUD. I did some more lawn weeding this morning, and this time I saved the bermuda grass runners that were turning my patio into another lawn and put them in a bucket of water. I left a message for my new neighbor, in case he wants to toss them onto the dirt parts of his yard. That would be a really cheap way to get a lawn going.

We never did anything formal about the yard by the house--we just let the native green stuff come up. The only thing I did grass-wise after Katrina and the depredations of tree people was to sow some annual rye. However, that area now has a really nice bunch of bermuda grass.

I finished another book. This one is by Peggy Sanday and is an attempt to explain why some societies end up being much more male-dominated than others. A large part of it, according to Sanday, is found in the origin myths--and how involved women were in that. Another factor is involvement with the land. Finally, there is the reaction to stresses--both environmental and from other groups. I need to read through my notes a couple of times to get her whole argument straight in my head.

We had another glorious low-humidity day. The temps in the upper eighties were quite tolerable. I think tomorrow will be more of the same.

Emma dashes out to the porch at feeding time for the beasts. My two girls split a flat can of wet cat food; Fabian gets some of the soft cat treats in a dish, and I have a dish of dry food and the cat food can with a little bit left in it on the table so Emma doesn't feel neglected.
In addition to the porch food, there is a dry food dispenser in the hall that is available 24 hours a day. Nobody starves.

I have a REALLY long weekend--not just Monday, but Tuesday, when I have a doctor's appointment. And I worked Thursday last week instead of Friday. The only trouble with that is that there are too many "tomorrows" to put things off till.

That chicken wea really good--Love that chicken from Popeye's!

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