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This being Sunday, I made a herculean effort and was out of the house and headed for WalMart by 8 AM. I didn't get there any too soon--I got the next to last motorized cart.

When I got home I put away the cold stuff and read the Sunday paper. The non-cold stuff usually gets stored in the car until the next time I go out, then I bring some more to the house. My goal, of course, is to have all the stuff inside before I next go shopping.

I dozed off about noon and was wakened by the phone. It was my neighbor returning my call about the grass runners. We chatted a bit and she was grateful for the grass. (Bermuda, not the other kind, although I do have a bush with five-leaved fronds.)

The rest of the afternoon I was mostly reading one of the new books that came last week. This one attempts to determine the kinds of tasks prehistoric women did by the musculo-skeletal stress marks on the bones. It's an interesting concept. As usual, however, I now find that I "need" a couple of the books the author cites.

I haven't listened to news today so I am in a fairly good mood. The Saints didn't play today (season hasn't started yet) so I don't have feelings about their performance.

I need to find someone to go to the opening game with me. It's a Monday night, which may present some logistical problems.

So how many IUDs in a row is this?

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