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Labor Day & Trees
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Holidays are not a big deal when they are just another day in the week, except that there's no mail and the TV schedule is generally messed up with (mostly) sports specials.

This morning I did some more book searching and investigated the resources of Tulane's library. Until I can walk a whole bunch further it's not particularly accessible. But if I really want something from a university library I can go to University of New Orleans, where they have convenient parking. And I should be able to even check books out as an alumna.

But for now I'm still buying books I need, as long as I can find them at a good price. I think I bought only one today, which shows a bit of retraint.

By the time I finished that I decided it was too hot to do any weeding or other yard work.

I had lunch, then went swimming. I did about 5/8 of a mile, all in backstrokes. There were two other people in the pool--walkers--and they managed to take up more than half the pool. The pool is six narrow lanes, without divider ropes. I know exactly where I am when I'm swimming. When I'm on my back I keep a straight line by lining up with the sprinklers in the ceiling. (Yes, that's pretty funny, having sprinklers over the pool.) And yet the guy bumped into me and gave me a look of "watch where you are going." I looked at him and pointed out that I was keeping in my lane by watching said sprinklers.

The Rowland Cat House still has its extra guest. Her humans were running late today. That's okay--she doesn't seem unhappy here, and cats are taking her in stride.

Tomorrow I see the orthopedist. It should be interesting.

Last spring I freecycled a couple of area rugs, and when the people came to pick them up the woman admired my wild cherry trees. In the spring they are worth admiring--fragrant white blossoms. I told her she could have the little ones that had sprung up all over. (The squirrels and birds are really good at spreading seeds via their excretia.)

I've been wondering how they did--did they transplant, and did they survive Katrina.

Yesterday I had an e-mail from her, and yes, most of them had survived Katrina. And she's wondering if I have any more that I don't want.

Do I ever!! Not only have they spread the usual way, but the increased sunlight (becaue of trees lost) has let them really take hold.

I figure she and her husband will be out next weekend to help me clear parts of my yard of wild cherry trees.

It's really neat--we both benefit.

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