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Dull Day
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It was my usual basic dull Tuesday. Right after breakfast I gathered all the trash that I hadn't already put out, then did cat boxes. Dumped everything into the trash can, tied up the bag (my hauler requires tied bags) then trundled the can (why do we call a plastic trash receptical a "can"?) down to the street. I use a dolly for that, but it's still hard on the back etc.

I messed around with some minor stuff, then headed out for the doctor. He wasn't too happy that I still hurt and said if it continues and gets really bad he'll switch the "head" on the prothesis and put in a new socket. Oh joy. He offered me more (good stuff) drugs but I told him that he'd already prescribed enough that I could get rich selling it on the street. I did get a prescription for an NSAID that I've found more effective than the over-the-counter stuff. (This is what they gave me in Kenya.)

After that I had a (very) late lunch and read some more. I'm up to the part about musculo-skeletal stress markers and how they can give clues to the type of work the skeleton did before it became a skeleton. I wish the dr. had been about ten minutes later getting to see me, because then he could have defined some of the terms. (I'll be looking them up myself this evening.)

Mighty Huntress just made a lot of noise out on the patio--she had caught something. It was just a beetle and, based on the crunching sound, it is now a dead beetle.

Love this low humidity--it's actually pleasant, and so nice to be able to go outside, exert some effort, not be covered with sweat.

The archivist e-mailed me a copy of the paper that started the whole thing with those 1844 cards. I'll read the paper (42 pages) this evening, and tomorrow at work I'll play with the raw data some more to see if a pattern emerges. In addition to tallying the data numerically, I think if I do percentages that will even out the variations in number of responses. It will be fun to play with the numbers.

And of course I didn't get anywhere near all the things done that needed these past five days.

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