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Me and Mylar
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Today's new skill was learning to make Mylar protectors for archived photos. They were small ones, but too large for the ready-made sleeves, so I had to cut it off a big roll. And there was no big flat space available. As a result some of the edges are not quite straight, but the pictures are protected. Folding it was no big deal--the application of a ruler makes for a nice crease.

I finished doing the statistical stuff from the 1844 cards and turned it over to the archivist. It didn't support a hypothesis of a former Tulane professor. Plotting percentages gave a much better idea of the changes than plots of the numbers themselves. Only thing left with those cards is storing them all nicely sorted with something other than rubber bands around them. Maybe cut up some of the acid-free folders and use them for wraps and bookmarks? I'm sure Susan will have figured out what to do very soon.

Well, it's not quite like the dogs who (before their decline) would run to the car door to greet me when I drove up, but BadCat has started trotting over to the car to get some special head scritching. And this is just for the scritching--the dogs knew they'd get a dog biscuit.

Have I mentioned the $15,000 copier in the department? It's pretty new and it does everything except make coffee. Unlike other copiers which copy and collate multi-page documents more or less mechanically, this one "reads" each page and stores the image--then prints them sequentially. When it's done the stacks are ready to go--each set offset from the set below.

And, it can also do 2-sided pages all in one "entry."

It operates the usual way by loading it manually, but it is also the printer for every computer in the department.

As long as it is working, it's fantastic. A few days after it was installed it quit and it took about a week for the key part to get here. But it's behaved itself since then.

I'm not sure if will also staple multi-page copies, but I'll ask tomorrow. Or I can look at the control panel and maybe get my answer there.

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