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How About Those Saints!
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They won solidly and looked good doing it.

And this evening I'll be watching Manning vs. Manning. It's the first time the Colts and the Giants have played each other since Eli became the Giants quarterback. It should be very interesting. I wonder which team their parents will be rooting for?

Why the interest in the Mannings? If you're not from N.O. (and not a pro football fan) you may be unaware that the Manning clan is from New Orleans, and that father Archie was first a standout at Ole Miss and then drafted as a Saints quarterback. (He's got a flag on the superdome Wall of Fame.)

At any rate, it should be interesting. I personally think that Peyton (the older one) is better than his brother. And therefore I shall probably root for the Colts. When I first got mildly interested in pro football Johnny Unitas was QB there.

Today has been rather unproductive. I did do the grocery shopping early this morning, but then I had a serious sinking spell on the couch (fell asleep) and after that was the football game.

I guess I should get the rest of the non-cold groceries in. Cat food is among the stuff still in the car.

YD may be by to collect her cat, so I don't feel like getting all sweaty doing weeding. (I can find lots of excuses to put that off, can't I?)

Therefore it's back to watching football while I read--after bringing in the groceries.

(Part of the key to successful procrastination is the abilty to multitask.)

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