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Today I did a preliminary inventory on four cartons of stuff from a woman who was a cooking nut. Huge notebook after huge notebook filled with recipes from (mostly) women's magazines, with a bunch of recipes from labels thrown in.

But the mind-boggling part were her journals covering about thirty years in which she recorded not only every guest she entertained, but exactly what was on the menu!! And that included how much booze was consumed at various large-scale functions. On one of them the gin and vodka were measured in gallons.

She was a Navy nurse who ended up marrying another naval officer. When he made the same rank she held it hit all sorts of papers.

They were stationed at Guantanamo in 1962-3. I couldn't help but note that the missile crisis of October 1963 didn't get mentioned in her logs.

I finished the preliminary inventories about 3:30, including entering the information into the computer, so I left just before four. When I got ready to leave I discovered that it had been raining--there were still puddles in the street and on low portions of the sidewalks.

I'm quite sure that Susan and the downstairs librarian have a bunch more unprocessed boxes and I'll have a fresh stack on Wednesday.

The computer that I use downstairs is a PC--and it is so nice to use Word and have it respond the way I am used to. I guess Christina (downstairs librarian) manages to get the information transferred into oysterboy, which is sort of the group identity and accessible to all sorts of people.

I am almost finished reading Sexual Revolutions--Gender and Labor at the Dawn of Agriculture. This is the one about determining activity changes by musculoskeletal stress markers. I've been at the dictionary a bunch for some of the medical terminology. Next up on my reading list is a collection, some of whose entries were cited multiple times in this book and a couple of others. And then there is at least one more single-author book in my not-read pile. One of these days I shall sit down and just write what I can remember from my reading so far, and what questions are raised and what are answered. And where it all leads. No trying to make it quality writing--just starting the outpouring of information.

Did I mention that I still have four cats? One of my non-working days I should drive out to where YD works at just about the time she finishes--with the cat. Or go up to their place on the weekend.

Fall weather is definitely here--the humidity is down, as is the temperature. I've gone a couple of days without having the "covered with sweat" feeling.

(Excuse me--horses sweat, gentlemen perspire, ladies glow.)

Time to watch another football game. ESPN is having a double-header tonight.

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