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It's very eay to practice avoidance when you have a ton of ought-to and have-to jobs/tasks staring at you.

I figure my top ought-to for today should be weeds and wild morning glory. The wmg vine is yellowing, so it's time to pull it off the trees and bushes and try to get the roots out of the gound.

But it's already warm, and besides, the weather people say tomorrow will be a lot less humid. In fact, I think they used the word "low" to describe it, which is a whole lot more optimistic than "less."

Instead I am attempting to consolidate my "project" books in one place. The best place is a bookcase in my (air-conditioned) office. I've moved a bunch of them from the den chair, but while I was taking them to the office the rest of the chair books there must have had an orgy because I can't see any new space.

And I still have a stack on the dining room table which needs to be relocated so that I can do income tax--another thing I have REALLY procrastinated on. It's due a month from today--thirty days from today.

So why I am on the computer now? Well, in going through the chair library I ran across some books I'd read that I can recycle via bookcrossings. The computer got fired up so I could register them. This afternoon I'll leave them at PJ's. There's a shelf for recycling books and it's looking rather empty. I've noticed several people looking there and turning away disappointed.

I'm also avoiding vacuuming, but I assuaged that (minor) guilt by doing a good clean-up in the bathroom around the cat box.

I am going to be in big trouble finding avoidance excuses when it cools down and I lose the "too hot and humid" rationale.

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