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Friday--and I'm trying to think of unremarkable things that may have happened today.

The sun came up, and is now in the process of setting.

This morning it was in the high 60s. Oops!! that was remarkable. It's several months since that happened.

There was some jerk going 65 in the far left lane of a 3-lanes-each-way interstate with a speed limit of 70. Unfortunately, that happens far too often. But after finally getting by him, the interstate average speed got back up to a bit over 70. Of course, by this time we were in the formerly built-up area where it's posted at 60. Again--not unremarkable.

You get the idea.

At work today the downstairs librarian was trying to train a bunch of new student workers, including one guy. They all had a sort of glazed look about them.

I usually eat my lunch in the lobby, which has some comfortable furniture. And I read while I eat. Today, however, someone came in, sat down, and started talking to me--she recognized me. She used to work at the Slidell library and knew me from there. She also knew about the swimming and roughly where I live.

We chatted a bit and she commented that her high school daughter was having fits about Algebra II. And I opened my big mouth and mentioned that I'd tutored that in the past. She asked how much and I quoted a dirt cheap price. It was half again as much as I used to charge, but it's still a major bargain. It's something I'll enjoy doing.

You never know where or when you're going to run into someone you know, especially when you've lived in a place more than 30 years.

I guess that was borderline on being remarkable.

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