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Okay--I have Saints season tickets, in a really nice location. Obviously, I do not discourage easily, considering their won/loss record over the years.

Since my husband passed, YD has accompanied me to a bunch of games, like most. Last year the only game played at home was a pre-season game the Friday BK--and I gave the tickets to the secretary at Xavier, who is a really rabid fan.

The opening at-home game this year is September 25. The sign has up on the Superdome for at least six months. And I drive by the Dome every work day. I plan to work a different three days that week so I don't have two trips into New Orleans on one day. YD announced her fervent desire to be "in that number" at the opening game.

She just called me to ask if I would mind if OGD took her place. It seems that the half time band is her very very very favorite. (OGD is 14.) I don't really care, and I assured YD that she'd get to other games and, in fact, I might even part with both tickets so she and hubby could go to one together. The Saints have sold more than 65,000 season tickets, so I can be sure the game will be televised.

OD took care of YGD for the week YD was in San Diego. Need I say more?

So, they can work things out--just so long as I have someone to go to the game with and I know in time to make the correct turns to pick said person up.

Besides, I don't get to see that much of OGD. And of course GS will also get to go to at least one game.

Being the owner of Saints season tickets is a definite power position!

And on a sad note, I learned that my next door neighbor (the one that has been there almost 20 years) died yesterday. She leaves a husband and two sons--about 17 and 20, as near as I can figure. I don't know what the cause was, but I need to find the nice writing paper for a note to the family. The last time I saw her was in the early spring when I ran into her (almost literally) in WalMart. We exchanged the standard pleasantries. Unlike the new people on the other side, our houses are almost completely hidden from each other. I figure she couldn't be much more than 45.

Finally, I am back to three cats. Emma went home this afternoon. I'm sure she'll enjoy being queen of the roost again, with no competition whatsoever--not to mention the privilege of pottying outdoors.

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